A VR Film Experience

The Light of Freedom

Project Title : In development 

The Mumue  VR Experience

The Mumue awareness campaign is developed around an animated short film with universal themes, produced at high production value for the festival circuit. The intention is to create an artistic, dreamlike, short VR film experience to distribute to festivals offering VR in tandem to the 2d film campaign.  We aim to drive awareness globally amongst girls and communities. The intention is to connect this topical issue to a global audience through an empathetic emotional experience: what it feels like to be inside the very human experience Mumue goes through on her journey to freedom and self-realisation. Ultimately we seek to encourage further support for girls, and be an aid to agencies and organisations with their efforts to end child marriage.

Genre / 

Animated myth for the future


Running time / 

14 minutes


Production company / 

Zeropoint Studios


Year / 

2018- 2019

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Beginning of VR film script as part of the whole 8 minutes :


Dark to light on path to cliff; first-person experience : ( this scene is symbolic of a light grid activation) We enter the world ( desert ) at night on the path the village to the left  (west) and in the distance is silhouetted (by the light of the fire in the village and light of the sun having just set) . The Quiver tree is center. The cliff and canyon to the east.  The sky is clear and lit up by the light of the moon.


We hear the drum in distance from the village in silhouette. Smoke billows from the fire drawing our eye in that direction. We hear running of feet getting closer, pounding the dust. We hear a hum of beetles... It grows. Heart beating. Heavy breathing. Faster closer. The air is heavy.. Music creating a sense of urgency, panic, fear in the night. We see Mumue running, her feet engulfed by beetles -( 2d hand-drawn animation - coded to hold her in view of the viewer.) Mumue grabs at her necklace around her neck as if it choking her as she runs, desert beetles (The Zouzou) swirl and swarm. Tension at climax as Mumue reaches the very tall Quiver tree on the path. Bats fly from the tree and disperse as Mumue stops at the tree under the clear, vibrant night sky, lit up by galaxies. Silence as the tree now our focus. She takes a deep breath, exhausted.


Mumue reaches out her hand to lean on the trunk, as she touches the trunk and it sparks, as if electricity traveled through the trunk by her hand. The tree now lighting up, appears alive or to wake up, light travels up the trunk, the branches spread upward connecting like lightning dendrites connecting to the galaxies above.


Realms open. A holographic grid is revealed, symbols, calculations/equations, light codes flow down the tree the root of the tree now grows, extending into the earth, creating a toroidal structure appearing unending, infinite.

Light hits her heart. Mumue GASPS, a glow pulsates at her heart. Mumue clutches her chest. She hears a WHISPERING of her Grandmother’s voice from the still brilliantly light night sky. She looks up. Mumue reaches her hand up and the branches of the tree extend out in the form of a hand.


The galaxies move in a growing frenzy of light and shapes. Just as she is about to touch it, self-doubt- the sound of beetles (fear) “Is this real?” Mumue hesitates, pulls back. The old hand of Omutji fades into old, shriveled leaves of the Welwitschia aloe plant- shrivels, shrinks pulls away quickly. GONE, Silence, to black... A disconnection.


The journey from here will take her into a cave where she encounters Tima the aardvark and spirit guide from the film representative of her higher self. Then as the angry villagers who are chasing her approach, she flees into the dessert vortex as a metaphor for her inward journey and struggle in the dessert that will lead to the ultimate surrender ending in a powerful galactic moment where she will merge with the light and rise as the phoenix. 

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