When a girl from an ancient lost tribe of the Mu people, breaks an age-old ritual, she’s faced with a choice that’s more powerful than she knows.

“As a grandfather, it pains me to hear the stories of girls who have married as children. The suffering of so many of God’s daughters brings me deep sorrow, but the spirit of the girls we have spoken to is indomitable"  ~ Archbishop Tutu
Project Title
Project Title - In financing phase

Mumue - a short film

The girl who carried the universe in her heart

“Mumue” is a 14 minute, unvoiced, 2D animated myth for the future for an audience of 13 - 45-year-olds. This short film is a coming of age story about a 13-year old girl, Mumue. She is from an ancient lost tribe from a different time, and unknowingly carries the universe in her heart. Mumue’s tribe, the ancient Mu people, are bound to patriarchal and fear-based beliefs, by mere tradition and habit.


Despite Mumue’s fear of being ostracized by her community, for rejecting an arranged marriage, she needs to awaken to her true power and authentic voice. To do this, she must find the courage to stand up to this age-old custom that awaits all girls growing up in her community and risk being seen for whom she is: an individual shining light with limitless potential.


Only an act of free will can transcend the darkness of fear that has befallen her desert tribe. And, in a cosmic ripple effect, Mumue chooses to unleash the “Munina” (light to enlighten) within her heart, which breaks the patterns of the past and restores harmony through a balancing of the feminine.


Genre / 

Animated myth for the future


Running time / 

14 minutes


Production company / 

Zeropoint Studios


Year / 

2018 - 2019

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In choosing the path of her soul, Mumue unknowingly accesses her true nature and remembers that she holds inside of her the “Munina”. And that she is the “bringer of the light” they have all been waiting for.

Mumue’s unique gift of extreme energetic sensitivity, once realised, together with her eventual connection to a strong sense of self, will ultimately bring change and empowerment to both her, and her people.



The purpose of this film is not to focus on or describe rituals that take place around child marriage, but rather focus on the awakening journey of one girl in the tribe, Mumue. It is her search for her true self to transcend patterns of oppression and victimhood that engages us in this story.

The intention of this film (and associated campaign) is to explore a harmony of the feminine and masculine energies in all human beings, while supporting the journey to self-empowerment in girls and women, honouring their humanity and roles in society.

Watch the animatic here, the animation is still in development

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A Zeropoint528 collaboration
Original Music  by Nic Paton Composition
Sound design by  Suzanne Wessels at OneHotSessions
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