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I am Chuma VR

Within and without.

Awakening in Self expression with artist Chuma Somdaka

What happens when a broken homeless woman, who becomes triggered by a violent event causing her suppressed past traumas to resurface, connects to a state of  “flow” by picking up a stick?


Experience an unhinging street artist’s journey to discovering her authentic expression when confronted by her deepest fears. In a narrative-driven XR experience through her shadows of the dark night, we traverse the void, her internal universe, likened to traveling through a black hole. In a moment of choice, to use her creative or destructive power, a transformation occurs, connecting to lighter (brighter) states of being in her expansion.



The experience engages audiences in their own bubbles, looking at life through their own bias and filters, creating empathy and agency, through a glimpse at the life and eyes of a young black lesbian woman, who finds herself homeless in the Cape Town Company Gardens for a period of three years. A physically disabled Chuma unexpectedly finds her gift and calling as an artist, when to survive her fears of being vulnerable to attack, she chooses not to be mixed up in a violent and vicious circle, nor to resort to drugs, stealing or selling her body. Instead, she goes within, finds inspiration and begins to draw, relentlessly, which sets her life on a new path. Through Chuma's empowered choices, she experiences an enlightened awakening of her authentic self-expression, in the conquering of her fears in her darkest moments while living on a bench in a city park.


Genre / 

Animated-hybrid experimental VR documentary

Running time / 

14 minutes


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