Zeropoint 528 creates heart-centred transmedia campaigns, animated short films, series & VR experiences with social impact. 

We are a collective of imagineers, creators, artists and writers guided by intuition and a deep love for animated storytelling and serving humanity through our unique creative expression. 

Join the journey into the zero point field as we collaborate as a collective and cooperative to bring to life various animated transmedia projects for series, short films and VR (Virtual Reality). Each of our projects has a social cause theme we are shining a light on.

Watch the animatic here, the animation is still in development

The girl who carried the universe in her heart


Zeropoint 528. Zeropoint, because it's the field of pure potential at the heart of creation. And 528 because, well, 528Hz is known as the 'miracle' tone or love frequency. 


As a collective of creatives, we have over 40 years of experience in weaving stories; be it in creating, writing, developing, designing, producing, editing and directing content for animated short films,  TV and web series,  documentaries, games, advertising, social media, comics and graphic novels etc. across many platforms both locally and internationally.


Across the award-winning team, we have worked on international brands, films and series to include Nickelodeon's Winx Club brand, Elio Fiorucci's Love Therapy brand, Triggerfish Animations' Khumba and Magiclight Pictures' Revolting Rhymes (animation production by Triggerfish Animation Studios). Working in areas across the value chain, from digital strategy, art direction, design and implementation, marketing, content creation and online community management to editing.


We are connected through a deep desire to create quality original content that opens hearts through storytelling and spreads awareness about themes and issues we care about to impact real change in the world. ​




Create a conscious creation vortex where like-hearted imagineers, creators and writers can gather, learn, share, grow and collaborate, being guided by a more feminine balanced, heart-centered and unifying vision with a deep love for storytelling and the desire to make a universal impact. Finding new pathways for funding models and audience building for impact films and content in a new paradigm.

The desire is to grow this collaborative community and expand the content offering, where in future we aim to host and facilitate podcasts, meetups, online courses, workshop retreats, further collaborations and more down the line.


Wendy Spinks

Creative producer & Team Lead

Project Title - In financing phase
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3 Ladan Road

Kalk Bay, South Africa,


Tel: +27 (0)72 101 0350

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