Project Title - In financing phase

Mumue, extra info...

By exercising our birth-right of freewill through active choice, we transcend victimhood, step into the light of our potential and enable a healthy masculine and feminine balance/unity. 


Read below for more about the campaign, the feminine beats film structure, the primary metaphors of the short film and the intentions behind the film.​ 

Click on the buttons below for press article links and how we aim to support girls.


Genre / 

Animated myth for the future


Running time / 

14 minutes


Production company / 

Zeropoint Studios


Year / 

2018 - 2019 

Music sample from Mumue by Nic Paton Composition
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MUMUE_bible 11 17 pg 6

MUMUE_bible 11 17 pg 5


MUMUE_bible 11 17 pg 4

Research Trip Footage courtesy of Roberto Millan 2018
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